today's way best fun site. ever.

Maili discovered the best online toy for anyone interested in 19th century London. The best, ever, ever. Oh lordy, it's fun. I thought playing with regular addresses on google earth was a gas.

Serious Saturday night excitement here, yessirreebob, but time to wind down. I have to go read Hank the Cowdog aloud which will mean I'll speak with a horrendous southern accent for the next few hours. Yeehaw lil dawgies.


  1. dd# 2 is really into horses now so we've been reading all sorts of horsey books and books about cowgirls, twanging isn't a pretty thing on this Yankee. . .


  2. This Yankee swamp rat spent her entire childhod around horses and ponies without twangin once, but maybe it's a special case.

    Google earth--if I type in my address it shows me a neighbor's house. If I type in my neighbor's house it shows me my neighbor's house. Apparently my street number doesn't exist. :(


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