Thursday Thirteen -- a table of horrors

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I've taken from my dog's mouth

1. A penguin missing a face and flipper and foot.

2. The last bit of a kid sculpture.

3. Her leash.

4. A book

5. A dish towel

6 Doesn't look impressive untill you see that all of those gloves are left handed. The right handed ones are Gone. We have a corresponding bag of orphaned rights. No one wears matched gloves around here.

7. The remains of a plastic flower pot.

8. The top to my water bottle. I suspect the bottom is out back somewhere

9. A stick. She brought it inside so she could have company while she chews it to bits.

10. A stuffed toy. A donut, I believe.

11. Part of a sandcastle kit. It came with a shovel which is long gone into little bits.

12. A yogurt carton. I gave it to her, so I'm not sure it counts

13. A milk carton.

I thought it would take a while to find 13 chewed things because most of her victims end up tossed in the garbage. Took me less than five minutes to gather these.

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  1. The left handed gloves!! Hee.

    Thanks for doing the round up.

  2. You show great confidence in my ability to get it up (a thirteen, I mean). Great idea, by the way, and it does inspire me.

  3. Okay, mine really are up now. I wish I could have included pictures, but I suspect the squick factor might have chased people away.

  4. i'd be afraid to show what lula puts in her mouth on any given day. lol!! she's a holy terror! :)

    hope that you're having a lovely day! :)

  5. That. Is disgusting. Yeeesh.

  6. nah, that's NOTHING compared to cleaning up the yard after she's downed some crayons or a couple of Legos. They show up later.


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