Quick! Watch it before GM figures out

Hooo boy. Some great marketing types put up a Make Your Own Ad at the GM site.

Maybe GM doesn't mind the way people are using the Make Your Own to create little videos like this.

and this.

or this.

and this.

and for the romantic? It friggin loves you.

Heck, thanks to lots of people emailing this around, GM's getting lots of traffic and that's what counts, right?
See if you can do worse or better. Email me the results!

updated to include one of the funniest ads ever. Nothing to do with GM though. Big Ad for beer.


  1. So. Funny.

    The "romance" one is actually very clever.

  2. You mean you're not going to blog on that blue writing passage?

  3. You mean the site I sent to you consisting of fine writing selections--including the lesbian vampire who goes for menstruating women?


  4. Yeah, that's the one. Would you like a red sauce with your pasta, or cream?

  5. Holy shit. That beer ad - I may've damaged something with the laughter. Goddamn.


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