gettin political again?

Sheesh, only about 1,000 people at most showed up in Hartford today. Where were you guys? Some dude walking past said, "Now that's too bad, around here I'd expect 40,000 people." He didn't stop though. (It was pretty cold, windy and it snowed. Ahhh, New England in the springtime.)

And I was expecting to see lots of people who didn't look white, middle class and badly dressed. . . kvetch, mumble, moan.

I posted about the erring Uncle Joe in dailykos. Basic theme? You're not going to win hearts and minds of CT voters by calling them morons. I was called a moron by one of the readers.

That's enough politics for the day. I don't want to drive off my very last reader. [waving at her: Yes, turn off the lights but please, don't slam the door on your way out.]


  1. Your diary got more comments than all the diaries I've written combined. Not that I've written more than 2 or 3, but still.

    I must say, your diary depresses me. Oh, I believe what you're saying. It saddens me that people won't judge the guy by his actions. I so dearly want to see him get his comeuppance.

  2. I went. Not to Hartford, but to the half-hour silent vigil held in my town on Saturday morning in front of the Court House (which is in the main shopping street).

    There were about 30 of us - which given I'm in a small town and the event wasn't well-publicised, wasn't too bad.

  3. Kate:

    I am in total agreement with your politics, and definitely don't mind your more inflammatory posts.

    Of course, I am all rah-rah about the writing, too.

    Which I've got to get back to.

  4. But the Hartford thing made NPR! I heard it on All Things Considered yesterday, or maybe it was Morning Ed. this morning, and thought of you.


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