Thursday Thirteen. Stupid and/or Silly

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Stupid things I've heard or said

1. My Washington, DC driver's license had "District of Columbia" on it. Three people (one in Wisconsin, two in Boston) asked to see my passport when I used that license for ID

2. When I was a bartender, the worst pickup line ever attempted with me: "Hey, you're kinda cute. Wanna fuck?"

3. When my baby sister (who's Eurasian) was tiny, her babysitter said she couldn't wait to find out what language the baby would speak. No, I am not kidding and she wasn't either.

4. Me, to the naked woman in the YWCA: "When's your baby due?" . . . You guessed it--she wasn't pregnant. I couldn't even use the "the dress tented funny" argument.

5. I was taking the baby sisters out for a walk. I was 12, they were 4 and 2. A lady asked if they were my children.

6. I said yes.

7. She told me I should be ashamed of myself.

6. My first two kids are 2.5 years apart. I have frequently been asked "Are they twins?" Not such a strange question once they hit about 5 and 3 -- #1 is small for his age and #2 is large. VERY weird question when they were 6 months and 3 years old. Yes, someone really did ask then. In her defense, she was old.

7. The Don Juan Tip of the day is usually pretty good for bizarre ideas. Here's today's: "I was walking down the street and I saw a street performerbeing ignored by crowds of people -- he started to pack up his things.I quickly jogged up to him and handed him a few bucks. He thankedme and said 'You just made my day.' I felt pretty good about what I had done.Soon after I was approached by two hot girls complimenting me on my kindness. They asked if I wanted to join them for coffee. I agreed and moved through the steps of convo and kino. It was all so natural, thanks to this site and now I have two numbers of two beautiful girls. Like taking candy from a baby." Huh? Candy? From a what?

8. My mother to me, about something I really wanted (I think a dress). "I can't buy it to you because you want it too much. Wanting things too much is bad for you."

9. My mother to me, about marriage. "It's not a good idea to marry someone you love."

10. Me to my husband the night before our wedding: "You're not nervous? Not having second thoughts? That's a terrible sign. You are supposed to be nervous. I'm not nervous either. Omigod, we're doomed. We're supposed to be freaking out. I'm not! You're not! Oh blast!"

11. My husband to me the night before we got married: "Are you always going to be like this when we get married?"

12. The doctor examined our 2-week old boy #1 head to toe. With diaper and without-- and for rest of consultation doctor referred to boy#1 as "she."

13. Speaking of sex mix-ups. Boy #3 is listed as female on birth certificate. I'm supposed to go to a judge to have it changed. I have to "bring proof" about why I want to change the certificate.

Hmmm. Some of these are kind of weak so I might go back and change a few. Surely I've heard or said stupider stuff'n this in all my years of life.

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  1. Thanks, Kate. I'll get yer back, just as soon as these patients stop coming in. What do they think this is, a doctor's office?

  2. 5,6,7: When I was 12 I broke my ankle the first day of lacrosse practice by stepping on the ball. (Coordinated? Not.)

    X-ray technician at hospital asks me if I'm pregnant. I was so shocked, I just stared at him. So he figures I'm reluctant to say something in front of my parents. Rather big dust-up when hospital personnel suggest maybe I should give them a urine sample before they do the x-ray?

    Which, of course, only embarrassed me more. ::shudder::

    10: Hee Hee!

  3. I love #11.

    My 13 at my new blog address:

  4. Cute. I especially liked the "bring proof" one.

    My 13 is up at Integrated Ambiguity.

  5. Hee hee hee! Love the list!
    Can't believe you said yes to that stupid lady when she asked you if you were the mother of your sister and brother (awkward sentence that) lol
    And poor #3 son with his female listing.
    My hubby was listed as a female on his national identity card - he tried to change it and they told him to wait till it expired and get it changed on the new one. He had to wait TEN years, lolol.
    Meanwhile, he got teased a lot.

  6. Hey Katie,

    I notice you're having as much fun as I am with the "Don Juan Quote of the Day."

  7. Why do you have 2 blogger comment windows?

    I love the DC comment the most. Can hardly believe it.

    Although the doctor referring to a boy he just examined as a "she" is good too.

    OK. They all are good.

    My TT are up and ready for visits.


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