stir that pot

Monica Jackson got a lot of traffic in her blog** and went all polite again. She's STAYING polite this time. Did you know there have been studies concluding that holding back passionate beliefs will make the top of your head come off?

Come on Monica....what can I do to stir you up and stop channeling the politician's wife?

Get you to watch this maybe? Actually it's worth listening to Graylan Hagler but I got annoyed by the video portion of it. (check out the Thanksgiving video a couple of posts below just because I love that thing.)

P.S. Hi Uncle Andrew and Brian!


** traffic's not a problem for me. my readership's going down, down, downnnnn.


  1. Ooo. That was neat.

    And, I dunno, the video part wasn't that annoying to me.

    Now I have to figure out to whom to send it. Perhaps the local head of the Republican Club?

  2. I'm not polite at all, I just went registration. So if y'all come and read it and your sensitive sensibilities are offended--you only have yourself to blame.

    My public blog is only about my books and announcements relating to books and authors.

    I think it's a neat solution. One site for readers who just want to find out more about my books, and another for opininiated hell-raisers.

    It works for me!

  3. Hey, Kate, I keep coming by, even if you no longer want my hobbit-babies.

  4. you're still kickin' political butt eh...good on ya kate and the video was great....LOVED IT !!!!!

  5. why am i still up....and where's the coffee ??????

  6. I have some Nanza. YUMMY Dean's Beans coffeee. mmmmm.

    I like X's plan, Douglas. You carry the babies.


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