no thursday thirteen

I blame the niece who's still here. She's doing one last load of laundry (it's traditional, isn't it? we are strong on family tradition!!) before getting on the bus to visit her sophisticated, cosmopolitan older sister in NYC. Hope she has a more sophisticated, cosmopolitan time there than she did here--our big event of the week was visiting a tiny little farm so she could draw a few chickens.

I blame her for not getting my thirteen done, but it's my fault. I started out complex on my TT, writing those buzz phrases for novels. Damn. What are they called? High concept. That's it. "Gone with the Wind set in post-apocalyptic-earth Spaceports and Scarlett as a kickass** heroine." Heh. that kind of thing.

Here's a cover of Summer's novella, a historical erotica (historotica! Summer's first!), coming out next month at Samhain. This is a story that mortifies me, which is always a good sign that people will like it. Seriously, that seems to be the way these things work. The stories that make me turn red are the ones that I get the enthusiastic notes about. I didn't say I hated the thing--it just makes me mumble and change the subject.

It's clear that Scot, the awesome cover dude at Samhain, read the blurb about the book. "Classy portrait of a slightly skanky woman**** who's embarrassed about her lifestyle choices," would be the low concept phrase for the illustration.

**are you as sick of the phrase "kick-ass heroine" as I am? Yeah, really. And enough with the comparisions to Lara Croft. She's so ten years ago.

**** mind you, I don't think she's a skank, says Kate who worries about hurting Scot or the model's feelings. It's just that plucked eyebrows and obvious dye job wouldn't have been considered ladylike in the 1880's.


  1. Wow - that's a great cover Kate! And the story doesn't sound have bad either :-)

  2. Fantastic Cover!


    (Aren't you glad your washer/dryer works so that family can come visit?)

  3. Can you send the cover girl over? I'd like to, um, clean her earwax.

    With my tongue.

  4. Oh, Doug. Ew. And I'm not ROTFL, either.

    I have to say, Miskate, that I'm very jealous. Samhain accepted MY book BEFORE yours, yet you have your cover first! You suck and I hope you trip and fall and bruise your elbow very badly. Yes, I do.

    Btw, we don't miss you in the Cave, neither.

  5. it's so difficult to be a STAR !!!!!

    ***said she as she flipped back her hair***tugged at her neophrine body suit****and downed another Godiva chocolate****

    congrats !!!!!!!


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