my apology letter.

Dear ________,

I just sold a story to another publisher and the reason I'm letting you know is because you guys:
a. Saved my tuchus by sending the story back to me when my computer blew up.
b. Gave me great suggestions for changes.

I was just going to let the subject drop, but I felt like I owed you some kind of heads-up. (If only so you'd know which author's portrait to make into this week's dart-board portrait).

Thanks you again for your time, patience and everything else,
Kate Rothwell/Summer Devon

I didn't add that the reasons I'm going with pub#1 are strictly non-personality based--which is always lovely. Personality issues floating around this kind of decision make the process yuck-city.

Here's why pub#1:
1. The book will eventually go to print and be in bookstores (oh, but it turns out pub#2's books do too. oh well)
2. They pay an advance (#2 doesn't).
3. I've already published with them.

I think I've probably said good-bye to my chances at being published with #2 but some of the personal slime factor has been reduced.

* * * *

Last night I dreamed that an editor made me turn a standard third-person manuscript into a second and first person peculiar mess, and made me add a huge blob of backstory/history at the start. Talk about nightmares.


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