a haunting book

A few months back when the laptop went south, I lost a whole manuscript-- 380-something pages of a historical. I'd backed it up on a zip stick which turned out to be corrupt, so that puppy was gone.

I tried to rewrite it but nah, I'd been there, done that and couldn't remember why I'd wanted to the first time out.

So last night I dreamed a few of the characters came to visit, uninvited (I think they were secondary characters. I don't recall the heroine). They were belligerent, drunk, maybe, and they demanded to know what the hell I was doing ignoring them. I was out in the backyard picking tomatoes and they joined me--and took all the good tomatoes, the rat bastards. They also yelled so much the neighbors peered over their fences to see what was going on. By the time I woke up, I had a basket of mushy tomatoes and I was afraid to go outside and get those funny looks from the neighbors.

Silly dream.


  1. Maybe they need their own book about squishy tomatoes?

    Bummer about the lost pages.

    I have a recurring dream about a teacher (who never existed) from elementary school who has met me at the front door of school. She takes me on a tour of the school, up a long and winding, almost Escher-like staircase (which never existed) from behind the auditorium up onto the roof.

    Somehow I'm getting the feeling, since the dream keeps coming back, that some character somewhere is trying to get me to write about her or the staircase.

  2. Ack!!! Bummer about the book - are you sure you can't get it back? And the memoriy stick? A computer geek should be able to recuperate a whome book from a hard drive - even if it has totally crashed.

  3. it's gone, gone, gone.
    I could have paid big bucks to get it back, but didn't. It left my life when Dell sent a replacement.


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