Argh. Oh. my EYES!

I'm sure you all remember the eye-boggling, mind-warping Brawny man link I gave you?

Pine Sol's caught on with a house-cleaning hunk video. Not interactive like the mortifying Brawn-Dude sequences, but one can't have everything.

Update: I figured I owed it to my readers to watch the whole thing through. No, I've tried three times and I. . . Just. Can't. I get to the pant-stripping bit and am too embarrassed for them all.

Prudish Porn Writer Kate

curtsey to Sue Seeley


  1. Very disturbing.

    (We are now supposed to use Pine Sol when dusting? Never knew.)

    She stares at his butt while fondling Pine Sol Bottle. Bottle up the butt? Pine Sol as Lube? Agghkh. Disturbing.

  2. Prudish porn? I'm unfamiliar with that genre. Please explain.

  3. Oh. Oh My. And to think I was wasting my time watching ESPN for that cute nude fishing commercial half the morning.


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