last political post, no really

The bitches have invented a new word. Here's a new definition of Bill Napoli. God, yes. Napoli is a turkey beyond all turkeys. Idiot deluxe. When he dies, may he come back as a dirt-poor, extremely fertile woman with a normal sex drive, a tendency for pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes who marries to a series of husbands that tend to take off when the going gets rough.

I read a pro-life complaint about how the federal government has no right to interfere with a state's right to decide what's best. Huh. Why didn't that person see the obvious? If you take that to the logical conclusion the question is what politician at any level has any right what to decide is best for any woman?

Don't get me wrong--I don't think abortion is a black and white issue. I'm real queasy about it. But I'm completely certain it's not up to me to make such a personal decision for anyone else.

There's the accepted medical position that the end of life comes when brainwaves are gone. Is there some possible arguments there about the start of life? I don't know.

All I know is, after this, no more politics for a while. Unless....anyone heard anything about Jill Carroll lately?


  1. Christian Science Monitor has not updated their info on Jill in quite a while. That's where we've been checking for news.

    As for beginning of life questions, I like the Jewish stance on this.

    Q: "Rabbi, when is the fetus alive?"

    A: "When he graduates from law school."

  2. You know, looking at the mess the US makes of itself on all levels, I'm glad I live in Germany.

    And yes, abortion is legal here. The only thing is you have to go to a consulting, and if you still want an abortion, you'll get a signature and a list with addresses of registrated gynaecologists in your surroundings who perform the service.

    The consulting isn't a bad idea. If you're dead set on abortion you go to proFamilia where you get your signature after listening to a half hearted speech. If you have doubts you can go to a place (psychologist, church) where a genuine discussion will take place.

  3. Douglas--I always heard it was "when he gets out of medical school" Guess that's too close to home?

    Gabriele--At least we have interesting politicians. Yup. Rick Santorum, Bill Napoli, my old state (Maryland) had a dude Roscoe Bartlett who was nuttier than an almond orchard. Whoowee, that guy was bizarre. Put his foot in his mouth more times than any politician I've ever heard.

    (He was at some school handing out a bunch academic achievement awards and his speech went something like "Yoo? Nyen? Patel. Huh. This bunch doesn't have American names.")

  4. Lol, I agree on that. Ours are dead boring. Unfortunately not yet dead.

  5. Hey Katie-pie,

    Thanks for following me over to my new non-romance blog. I'll slap a link to your site up there, so we can keep in touch 4ever.

    I found I had a million things to blab about other than romance books, but I can see you have that problem too;)

    Take care, luv. Try not to get knocked up! Remember: kissing a boy when you're wearing a bathing suit is okay, but actually touching his hoo-hoo with your mouth is not! See you!

  6. I think my parents told me the law school version so that I would continue to fear them.

  7. WHatever anyone thinks about babies and abortion, I feel it's vital that a woman has free choice. If she is against abortion she never has to get one. But if she ever wants or needs one, she should be able to do so easily.


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