questions about the secret service guys pretending to be fox news types

From 3/17/06 The Sun Herald

Your assignment: to read the article and answer my questions:

1. Why aren't more people put out about this? (I wrote "why aren't more people angry", but I suppose no one was harmed. It just seems stupid--and unprofessional, too.)

2. Why isn't Fox News pissed off? They'd have reason. **

3. Why did they bother misrepresenting themselves?

4. Eh? Has this sort of thing happened a lot and I've just missed it?

I wish ferfe would weigh in . . .


**from the Sun-Herald article:

Aly Colon, who deals with issues of ethics for the Poynter Institute, a school for journalists in St. Petersburg, Fla., said such a scenario undermines the public's trust of the media.

"I think when individuals who are not journalists pose as journalists, it creates, at the least, some confusion in the public's minds," Colon said. "The key to journalism is credibility. So what the public wants to be able to do is trust people and organizations who represent themselves as part of the journalistic community."

Kate adds: one would suppose that any sort of law enforcement agency would also hope to have some credibility with the public.


  1. But Fox is the Administration's tool. Bush's boys obviously picked on someone who wouldn't kvetch about it.

  2. Actually the NYT's was more Bush's tool than FOX. FOX knows what their viewers want to hear. If you look at their ratings you'll see they have a pretty good handle on their audience, which is also why they won't bother commenting on this weirdness.

    Secret Service? Or Spooks? More likely spooks if it happened at all. And Spooks have no desire to be identified as WHAT they are for any reason -- not even to put someone's mind at ease.


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