online fun

Not politics, though I lifted this particular toy from a political site.
Go make Einstein talk to you.


  1. Here's mine:

    Albert's favorite movie quote.

    Hope your readers aren't easily offended ;)

  2. this was more fun the skinnin' a made a few....

    i'm pretty excited about the Canadian train trip...YOWSER !!!!

    i remember your talkin' about how beautiful Lake Louise was...even with the babysitting angst....i can't wait.....

  3. Hi Kate! You know, one of these days you could dust off the old journal and use it for goofing off, playing hooky and what not! *big grin* Was very nice to see you and I hope you're ready for Spring! xo Donna & Robin

  4. have NO IDEA how much press our win over the US in the WBC is getting up here Miss Kate.

    Kids are tradin in their Sherwoods for Louisvilles, masks for helmets and theres even talk now of an indoor ball field here in Cowtown. (We tried using the indoor driving range but found even the best B.B. helmet was no match for a gold ball off a 3 iron)

    J/K of course but it IS huge.... now you know what WE felt like when the US won the World Hockey Championship a few years back...

    Thanks for the link to Einie..... did a little something up last night and posted it at the CKA site.

    Hope hubby and the soon come home soon......

    Take care.


    PS...ok is this a sign? The "word verification" for this comment is "BBRAATT".......

  5. doug hoffman sounds like he'd be more fun then skinnin' a snake i'm J/K....i've been at Bravenet to long and still have to write @ss...d*mn...M/ pass the censors....rotflmao.... do need to come back to braverland long enuff to host a that's not PETA...chain story...since many of us have gone quite daft there now...and have all our pet menageries involved in the most unreasonable shennanogans....i still have all your dog awards saved on my no need to remake awards.....and unless Clinton's Cat enters you wouldn't have to award SOX either...

    take an insanity break....think about it......nanza

    i'm putting in the name of my dog Roscoe's blog so you can get an idea of HOW REALLY BAD IT IS !!!!!


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