Thursday's Thirteen Things

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things about Kate

1. I once had a dog named Frances. Her real name had been Princess but my grandmother had misheard the name. "Frances" fit the dog better.

2. I now have a dog named Soozee--boys insisted it is spelled funniee. She is a family dog but we both know she's really mine.

3. Everyone especially knows she's mine when she craps in the house. "Kate, your dog took a dump in the family room," says my husband. "Better clean it up."

4. When I was a kid I had gerbils until the day the mom ate her kids. No, sorry. I couldn't live with cannibalistic animals. I don't know what happened to the gerbils after that. Hey, I was only 8 or something, okay? My parents dealt with it but I don't remember what they did--probably gave them to the neighbors.

5. Enough with the animals. Here's the first movie we saw with our Christmas gift of 3 months of netflix [thanks Jed!]: Monty Python's Life of Brian.

6. Next up was a chunk of the Black Adder series.

7. Hitchhiker's Guide, followed by Yojimbo, Sanjuro, more Monty Python and then the boys kind of lost interest. I got to pick the next few movies.

8. Last week I forced them to watch King of Hearts. They didn't hate it as much as they expected to; I didn't like it as much as I had when I saw it as a kid. (I was about 9 and my sister? or my brother? took me to a MIDNIGHT SHOW at the Biograph. Omigod, that was the biggest event in my entire life.)

9. I loved, loved, loved the Biograph Theater in Georgetown when I was a kid and I bet it's gone. Yup, it is. Most of the good stuff in D.C. is. If you're over a Certain Age, I'll bet most of the good stuff in your hometown is gone, too.

10. On the other hand, the head shops in Georgetown were long gone before I moved away and I never particularly missed them. One can enjoy only so much blacklight art and Janis Joplin posters in one's life.

11. More movies on queue at netflix (and I've seen them all so why am I ordering them? Boys.) Brother from Another Planet, Seven Samurai. At Mike's request High Plains Drifter [even though it's on every night a 3 am, apparently] more Black Adder [boys' request--I'm over the series in a big way], . . .local library carries Marx bros movies, so no point in renting them.

12. I'm trying to give the guys a cultural eddication, but I don't want to sit through too many John Wayne movies. We own His Girl Friday and Philadelphia Story. They didn't think much of Harold and Maude. I could see why. It only works really well at MIDNIGHT at the Biograph when:

a. it's a bad tape that breaks a lot.
b. you're about 13,
c. everyone sings along with Cat Stevens . . .

and even then it's iffy. I mean you might as well try to watch Rocky Horror at home and before MIDNIGHT.

13. Any other ideas? We have only one month left on this membership. I'm not renewing, dang it.

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  1. lol! i liked this! :)

    and on #2...i've got one of those. Typhanie. we all know she's mine. ;)

    happy TT! :)

  2. You can do as many animal entries as you want. Hmmm...maybe next week I'll do an all animal entry...

    My 13:

  3. I probably got it all wrong, but thanks for thirteening me! I posted it on my blog!

  4. Happy Thursday 13! Don't you love it when the animal does something wrong that it's suddenly YOUR pet, and not the family's??? Grrr

    My 13 are up.

  5. LOL chickadee & Kate about the animals doing wrong and becoming Yours. I thought it was only kids - as in "Your son failed his history test".

  6. Too much Blackadder just can't be good for anyone :)
    Thanks for stopMy TT listping by my 13 your link has been added.

  7. Doggies, I love doggies! My 13 are up!

  8. After I was diagnosed as being allergic to EVERY SINGLE HAIRED THING ON THE PLANET, my mom took my gerbils to a townsperson's boa constrictor and fed them to it. And had me watch.

    I love Black Adder, I can't get enough!

  9. Brother From Another Planet, High Plains Drifter -- both excellent. Black Adder -- love it. I desire Queen Elizabeth, even if she will chop off my head.

  10. We used to do Netflix then we switched to Blockbuster. I think we are going to switch back to Netflix because they send you your movies quicker. My husband likes them coming one right after the other.

  11. What about Hitchcock? I love Foreign Correspondent. The 39 Steps is a classic. Also, North by Northwest. Then there's my favorite movie (but don't tell anyone, I'll lose my macho badge), Bachelor Mother with Ginger Rogers. My Man Godfrey is probably at the library but worth a look.

    I loved the Biograph theater too--used to ride my bike down from college park to see movies there. That's where I first saw the 7 Samurai--changed my life.


  12. The local "dollar" theater here (actual cost $2.50, not paying $8 to see a movie: priceless) will be playing Harold and Maude next weekend (at midnight of course) and I can't wait to see it again (Mark never has, I'll let you know what he thinks LOL). They are doing a romance theme for Feb and I am thrilled that that is one of the movies they chose.

  13. What about THE QUIET MAN??? That is one of the best John Wayne movies EVER!!! Sigh. . .

    When I was in college my family went to Ireland and we went to Cong which is where the movie was filmed. It was really cool to explore all the places in the movie. It's such a beautiful place, some day I want to go back with my husband.

  14. Oh, I loved The Quiet Man.

    I've got the cheapo Netflix subscription (the $9.99 one), but I still love it. Still cheaper than renting. And I enjoy anime, so it's a cheap way to enjoy that.

    I vote you keep it up. :-)


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