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Heh. Who says blogwhoring for someone and slipping them a coupla hundred doesn't pay off? (did anyone say that?) Doug wrote a post about my book...

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Here's my socks inventory. Three pairs are promised to a gallery, and she hasn't picked out which ones she wants yet (I did this inventory for her).

These are more like slipper/booties than regular socks. They do NOT have non-skid bottoms. (but I don't slide when I wear them and I am a klutz. Just ask EB.)

unless noted, these sizes fit about women's size 6-10 or so. But that's me looking at them, okay? And I do not sell socks for a living -- at least not my living. Caveat emptor, is all I'm saying. You can return any socks you want, and I'll pay you back but I won't refund your return shipping.

First color mentioned is main color. Decoration added is other colors.

-- purple with white
-- white with rust
-- blue with rust (with a cuff)
-- red with teal and white
-- bright green with lavender and dark lavender
-- pale blue with cream
--pale blue w/dark purple
--grey with green, peach, rose
--pale green with bright red
--blue-green with purple and touch of white
--rust with br. green
--black with red (another with cuff, biggish)
--aqua with brown
--br red with brown (largish)
--br coral with navy blue and touch of purple
--coral with black
--brown with gold
--variegated pink and brown (that's the only pattern)
--" " and grey (only pattern. more subtle than the pink/brown wool)
--bright orange and green
--bright orange with brown purple/white variegated gray stripes (funky)
--bright pink with grey and brown
--mustardy-gold with br green (smallish)
--br sky blue with green (grn only toe and edging--no pattern)
--lavender with light yellow and touch of brown
--black with yellow and gold thin strips with teeth
--small black with cream (traditional yarn)
--coral pink with x-stitch brown and grey (not a lot of pattern)
--dark green with orange and touch of br. green
--chocolate brown with br. red and br purple
--speckled grey with green and blue and touch of red
--variegated tan/dark brown with white
--light green with dusty blue
--greyish brown with Ikea blue
--tan with thin red around thicker teal stripes (not traditional pattern) with cuff
--rusty brown with tannish brown (slightly fuzzy, probably has real wool w/touch of alpaca??)
--br light green with blue stripes and checkerboard pattern
--large reddish brown (light) with blue-grey
--white only with about 8" cuff with different stitches (verticle pattern)
--br green and br yellow
--merino wool natural (slightly variegated) with green [all socks with this wool are thicker and slightly lumpy --think hand-spun]
--merino wool nat. (sl. variegated) with black
--merino wool dark green w fuzzy tan (probably some alpaca)
--big merino wool stripes dark green, pink, rose, tan, various shades of natural (very funky)
--dark pink with black (not soft! nice pattern, though)
--teeny pair (for five year old maybe) purple/white variegated on bottom with black blue green and coral top.
--gold and purple

a used pair of black and blue--returns. Free to good home. some pilling apparent on the black because it got washed and dried with a high cotton load before I noticed they were in there. Still pretty nice, I say.

I also have
four bags
eight stripey caps that don't fit my head but I have a big head (shut up) and a lot of hair.

If you want to see pictures of what these things resemble, go to this site The photo labeled "sox" have the cuffs (I only have a few with cuffs--they go fast!) and the ones labeled "more sox" have the regular ones, though I notice that you can see part of the funky striped ones I still have.

YES, I still owe socks to MM and Sam and they should look at this list.
Prices for everyone else range from $12-$16 -- that's what I pay.

I might be able to take a picture of a particular pair you want to see but many things depend on this:
--state of the camera's batteries
--if the camera or the wire connecting camera to computer has vanished again.
so you see, availability of pictures might take from five minutes to never. . .

Saleswoman Kate


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