SBD First Romance Novel I Ever Read

I don't know the was a category romance someone left on a bus. I picked it up and flipped through it--and then read it For Real. The hero was a blind musician maybe? The heroine was his nurse. He regains his sight and naturally this is not good for the heroine. I think she flees because she's 'not good enough for him.' She might have even been a size 11 and therefore too fat?

Ooops gotta stop, dog is puking on the rug. No, really. Logan's letting loose on the family room floor. bwww bww bwwww aaaaaaack.

Okay, back to the first romance. Not that there's much left to say. All I can recall about the end of the book is that the heroine's bedroom contains a huge smiling camel sculpture with real eyelashes. The hero, who apparently turned into a peeping Tom once he got his eye-sight back, thinks the thing expressed her whimsical nature. I thought ewww.

This story inspired me. I read it, enjoyed it more than I thought I should** and left it on another bus--but it was too late. I'd been left with that horrible inspiration that eventually leads so many well-meaning people down the garden path, past the pergola of good intentions, to the ha ha of doom:

Huh. I can do better than that.


**I was a rotten snob. Rotten in all senses of the word. My upbringing gave me the background and training but not the intellect of an effective snob.


  1. I think it's human nature to think "Ha, I can do better than that", lol.
    And from the description of the book, I can understand your feelings.
    YOu don't have to say you were a rotten snob - you had simply read better books before.

  2. My first romance: Pride and Prejudice. Didn't you have to read it in school, too?

    I read it twice, in fact, because I liked it, even though I thought Darcy was a wussy name.

  3. Hey Kate,

    Since I'm a relative newcomer to this genre, the first romance book I read was "The Bachelor," by Carly Phillips. It's a bloody miracle I didn't give up on romance books after that (sorry if somebody knows - or likes - this writer). Her books are now hardcover bestsellers.

    WHY? WHY? WHY?

    I literally beat the sh@t out of that novel. Literally. I punched it, I kicked it, I spit on it, I threw it across the room ... that's how angry that book made me.

  4. By the way . . .

    Three thumbs up thus far on Somebody Kidnappable. Karen and I liked it (as you know) and my billing person, Catrina, enjoyed it as well.

    Karen finished the sequel over the weekend. She thinks you're being too harsh about it. Karen's comments: the principle characters are more interesting in the sequel, and the plot is more plausible, but there's less humor, and the story seems more akin to traditional romance novels than the first book.

    Not sure whether I'll read it, since I just received my copy of Crashing the Gate. Yippee ki yay!

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  6. Dr DH, we read P&P as a social satire. Our male teacher looked at the relationships as indicative of the era and economic realities blah blah blah. It didn't occur to me until years later that the thing was a rrrromance.

    Let me know about Crashing the Gate. Go kos!

    Reeece, Carly was a H/S category writer who managed to get a book to Kathy Lee back when KL was with Regis. That's how she broke out of category and into big time--Kathy Lee recommended the book-- although I hear that Carly still writes like a category author. (I haven't read her single titles so I don't know. Convenient cop out)

    And Sam? I am a rotten snob. Still. I've stopped trying to change because no one seems to care anyway.

    It's a lot like discovering that just because you have angst and deeeeply felt emotion and an artist's personality--this doesn't mean you're a good artist. Just because I'm a snob -- this doesn't mean I'm a tasteful snob.

  7. well how the hell do you think I got into this gig? Stupid, big, unstoppable mouth of mine!



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