a moment of silence

My favorite local bookstore has gone under. It was a Barnes and Noble, but it felt like an indy because of the enthusiastic staff. They'd all been there for years. Now where will they go?
Where will I go?


  1. Oh Noooo!

    I wrote a while ago about how much I like my bookstore. I love the staff in mine more than anything.

    (But will they discount the stock as they prepare to ship out? Is that some sort of grave robbing?)

    Poor Kate. I feel the pain.

  2. Weird Kate, because the same thing just happened where I live. There's still a big Barnes and Noble, but I loved the smaller one because the employees where so excited about discussing books of any kind. *sigh*

  3. I feel your pain Kate, over here, we don't generally have romance sections in bookstores, but there is one particular shop that I love just cuz the shop assistants are fab!

  4. I'll tell you one place I WON'T go: the actual indy bookstore in town. I used to spend hours and mucho dollars there but stopped when they told me they won't sell my books because I write romance and they don't carry that tripe. Bunch o' snobs.

  5. The people who work in the so-called "indy bookstores" are often extremely closed-minded. They despise genre fiction, unless they're feeling "quirky" and they want to slum for a while.

    I don't heart them very much at all.

  6. OH NO! How the hell does a B&N get shut down, anyway?

    I'm appalled that your indy bookstore wouldn't support a local author, despite their poor judgment not to carry romances. :(

  7. Ridiculous that the indy bookstore won't support you -- if they were specifically a metaphysical bookstore or something like that, I'd understand, but if they're carrying most everything else, you'd think they'd want to support local authors. I know a bookstore who doesn't have a large romance section but who does autographings for authors who live in the local area because they have a program of supporting local authors. It's not as big of a splash as when they had, say, John Glenn in to autograph, but it's always nice.

    I know a bunch of B. Dalton's have shut down recently, but it's strange to hear of a B&N shutting down and I feel your pain. I'd be lost without my local Borders, though more for the cafe rather than the books; it's one of my regular writing haunts and the staff is very supportive of the fact that I'm writing.

  8. yeah, actually it's sad because they KNOW me. I used to go in there all the time. keywords "used to."

    It was the owner's call and actually one of the employees there was even more outraged than I was -- and said she liked my book.

  9. I find it incredible that your indy does not support a local author. I used to work at a public library and we ALWAYS made it a point to purchase every book authored by a local author and even authors throughout the state. Granted, our purpose wasn't to make a profit but there could have been a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship between the two of you! First time here by the way, found you at Paula Reed's blog.


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