mike took these at 7 am

and it's still coming down hard and sideways. The local cause of horror and pity: this is on a SUNDAY. Chances are it'll be cleaned up and there will be school tomorrow.

our back deck

out the front of the house

UPDATE: The snow is now over the front of the van. Oh. The weather report is for 20-30 inches total accumulation.


  1. It amazes me that cities are able to get that much snow shoveled away in the space of a single day. (I've never lived in that sort of area, though.)

  2. Just keep those snowplows going--round and round the city until the snow keeps falling. If you let it accumulate, then everyone's in trouble.

    Silliest part of living in Boston was that people parking on the street would get their cars covered in the snow plow snowbanks, and the JUST LEAVE THEM THERE until Spring. It was just so weird to walk bay the little patch of red car paint peeking out form the snow bank day after day after day.

    So now I live in CA where we don't have snow storms, but we do have mudslides. Hmmm.

    Bummer anout school tomorrow--hope there's no ice.

  3. Looks like a great curl up and read or write day!

  4. I don't think I've ever seen that much snow. We get a sprinkling sometimes, but nothing like that.

    Definitely looks like a curl up with a good book day. Not to mention a good day to be wearing Bosnian socks.

  5. hmm, looking out at my deck, seeing the mounds of drifted snow, I'm finding it difficult to raise any sympathy for you at all. My reaction to the pics was a mere, 'Meh, welcome to my world', or "Cry me a river', or, "wah wah wah, you whiny baby", and more along the same theme.

    sigh, winters are getting longer and longer, but at least the sun is back up.


  6. I hate snow because it generally means that it's cold outside. But then, I hate it when it's hot and humid, too.

    Know anyplace where the temperature stays between 55 and 85 F degrees all year round?

    That's my dream world.

  7. Shelbi, come to the Pacific Northwest. If you're on the coast, frost is uncommon, snow a great rarity.

    I live in the banana belt area of Oregon, where we do see a few days of above-ninety weather each year. I'd guess that 95% of our days run between 50F and 75F.

    That's why we're here, by the way.

  8. I don't usually like snow, but yours looks like fun! It's freezing over here in England, but no snow, just miserable weather.

  9. i thought about you this weekend kate...wow...what a blow eh ????

    bet your kids loved it...i thought you'd be in Reno at the big Romance Writer get-together...

    have a great valentines day and put me back on your friend list before i get cranky...rotflmao...nanza

  10. Yikes. That looks amazing! Makes me wish I could run out and play in it. ;-)

    I'm almost afraid to bitch about the frigid temps we're getting down here in ::whispers:: South Florida.


    We're freezing our butts off down here! Yesterday the high didn't get out of the lower 60's! By our standards, it may as well be Siberia.

    I don't mind a little cool weather - welcome it actually - but keep the icicle temps in your neck of the woods. :)


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