I hate panic attacks
I'm having one just now
I suspect it's because I have to leave my maze in two days. Or just because the moon is made of rock. The why never is important.
Lying in bed next to a peacefully sleeping husband and it's either poke him til I wake him up or whine at you lot. I know he'd vote for whining. Actually I could just not do both but naw, might as well whine.

hyperventilating, shaking, barfing . . .
What a waste of energy.

scuse me -- gotta go throw up now. Of course I'm shaking so much I have to put the laptop down carefully. Don't want to drop that.


  1. When I say I know how you feel, I really mean it. That bird-claw-in-the-chest feeling of impending doom likes to visit me when I'm driving, of all times. Hope yours passes soon and doesn't come back for years and years and years.

  2. actually I had a break for almost six years before last fall. It was lovely.



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