I'm going to the dentist

So I'll just leave links.

Letterman takes off gloves. Cool.

The man I vote most eligible to be bottom for a really bad dominatrix. She should not allow a safe word and she should use a scalpel and a lot of springy clothespins--and she should not know what the hell she's doing.

Recall I'm going to the dentist so the sadistic streak is open, wide.

My next entry will be number 300. I'll take any suggestions about possible subjects.


  1. Oh, great, Kate -- now I've got to clean the granola out of my keyboard, thanks to my jaw dropping open while reading that holy horror of a "marriage contract".

    That guy should be doused in honey and staked to a fire ant hill.

    Or dragged into the street and castrated. And/or shot. Or drawn and quartered.

    Who, me? Vindictive? Now I've gotta go surf some more to scrub that document from my brain...

  2. Some of us would like that trip to the clothespin happy dominatrix. Don't be such a sadomasochistist.

    Sorry I didn't see this earlier! Where did you find it?


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