stalled . . .out

I was chugging along nicely with this story and now. It fizzled. Not a sagging middle, more like an irksome ending.

The action is done but I can't just write THE END because there are too many unfinished bits. Tying up? Bleh. Black moment? Worse. I swear if I throw in anything more for that stupid required black moment (I KNOW it's not actually required, o my fellow rioters, I KNOW.) it'll be a giant bowl of nonsense. I enjoy overkill as much as the next person, but only when it feels like naturally occurring overkill. Not overkill that just wandered onto the scene waving a gun.

On the other hand, right now everyone's just wiping his or her hands saying, "okay then! Back to life, shall we?"

And to make matters worse, my writing goddess has decided to go back to school. She's reading that thing about whales -- have you seen the great white?

My sister thinks she's allowed to have a life, too. I'd ask Beth but she fell asleep two pages into the last ms.

Sigh. Oh, and one of my characters is currently suffering with bout of self pity that rivals my own. Maybe that overkill with a gun would be a good idea after all.



  1. So you need a blacker black moment? She tries to shoot herself, but the bullet's a dud!

    "Damn!" she says, "I can't even manage to blow my brains out!"


    Because you can never have enough exclamation points!

  2. I did NOT fall asleep, you great big exaggerating hussy you.

  3. Lol, the only noble way is to fall upon your sword.

  4. Guns scare me. Maybe the heroine can try to kill herself with a bow and arrow...(trying to imagine the gymastics)

  5. Fine, and why did blogger post my comment before Sam's though I commented after her?

  6. I like heavy black moments. How about you create a really complicated misunderstanding a la "Three's Company"??

  7. what the hell is with blogspot tonight???!!!!! (how about a combo of exclamation marks and question marks, douglas? too comix page??!!??)

    suicide by the heroine. no, wait, that looks wrong.

    right now the black moment is a knife attack. can't do better than that--although suicide by bow and arrow has to be. Yup.

    and Beth? that's great big exaggerating BIDDY to you.

    Sometimes I wish I wuz a dr because then I could do that "that's DR. asshole to you" retort. My hubs does that and he's just a phd, the almost-liar.

    hubs..heeh. I do love that. Thank you doulgas.

  8. You could always do a Blake's 7 ending. Throw in a betrayal and a sudden gunfight in which everyone dies. Not even any gurgling last breaths - just wham! that's the end.

    (Hmmm..did you get Blake's 7 in the US? Maybe you haven't got the foggiest clue what I'm talking about.)


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