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His mission, community service. His job, organizing socks. This part of his mission? Convincing you to look at the socks. Later we will take out the bad pictures. For now. . . presenting Boy Two in his official role:

Yo yo yo My homey home home home dogg doggies!!! *pant* A to the L to the EX here to rage against the machine!!!!!*cough* Okay. I am done now. I am here to be Mr. Young salesman, and show you, yes YOU, some of our amazing socks. Oh so amazing. Handknitted by Bosnian refugees, no two are alike yaddayaddayadda. You already know all that. Unless mom is lazy. Without further ado:

Oh look at the lovely flower. There are many handknit purses like this one for to put your various moneys/ possessions/ illegal items you are smuggling over the border into.

Is that a whistle or something attached to the hat? I don't know, I'm just the photographer. Well, yeah, it's a price tag. This thing is bigger than it looks, it's just that I stink with cameras. The bosnians knit all kinds of things, not just socks. Their hats are comfy too. I should know. I own one. That's a perk about this job. Besides the doing a good deed thing, I have all the socks/hats/mittens I need. Whoo.

Of course, what would be Bosnian knitting without the cream of the crop: socks. No two of these babies are alike, each with a different pattern and color scheme. We have plenty of socks, each something completely different. Yeah, all salespersonness aside, these things are pretty comfy. They are a bit more like slippers than socks in my opinion, but that does not matter, cuz no one listens to the salesperson anyway.

Ooops. Those socks at the bottom of the picture are not for sale. Those are my feet. My bad. Anyway, I like this picture, because it has lots of lovely vibrant colors. Sure, some of the color combinations clash a bit, but they look nice anyway, and besides, they do their jobs well.

Of course, If you wanna be all unexotic, and get traditional American style socks, we have those too.** These socks provide a bit more coverage for your feet than usual to make you nice and warm, and have a very nice pattern.

Okay, We've done all we can here. It is now up to you. Make the Bosnians' life better by buying socks and supporting them in dark times. Make your life better by cushioning your lil' toesies.


**actually we don't. Not for sale, anyway, unless you like holes and dirt and stuff, you weirdo.

Thank you, salesman. Please go see his photos of socks and gloves and stuff here.


  1. Will they do special orders? I'm thinking of a hat just like Ron's from H P and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Xavier covets that hat like you wouldn't believe. I think I've got Mark convinced that this baby's name should be Sirius (did I mention he's a boy? 'Cause he is). Do me a favor and ask your boys if they would make fun of a kid named Sirius or if that would be "cool".

  2. they say Sirius sounds like serious and would get a lot of . . .um. .guff.

  3. The Illustrius Alex Davis Praise Be His Name (Boy 2)5:39 PM

    Ooooh, Sirius the kid? Train him to be a comedy actor when he grows up, that's the salesman's advice.

    But No one ever listens to the salesman.


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