My Arm Hurts

ow ow ow. it hurts from patting myself on the back.

I met a self-imposed deadline! I finished the first draft of a ms today! Emphasis on DRAFT. There are chunks sort of . . .missing. And other chunks that ought to be missing. BUT I wrote The End and it really is. The two chunks that need to get produced and dropped into place shouldn't be a big deal. I hope. Knock wood.

This was a good deadline to meet because the boys have off next week.

Question: Why do the boys have next week off?
Answer: I have no bloody clue. This is February and February in New England (this New England, not Bron's) is not a time I'd choose to have three crazed boys ricocheting around the house. What were those people thinking?


  1. Yay for you!

    And . . . don't hate me, but next week, when the small fry is off, he is going to South Jersey to hang with the in-laws, while I am going to Portland, OR, by myself!

    (Although I kinda wished I had typed THE END recently. Just got over a little writing hump, still not feeling strong about the WIP).

  2. Congrats on the draft. It's a huge accomplishment.


  3. President's Day. We have a four day weekend. Yippee!

  4. Yay for the completed draft!!!
    Isn't that grand?
    Congrats and more back-patting!

  5. Congrats on "Finis."

    We had a three day weekend last week, and we have a three day weekend this weekend. There's the tradition of "Ski Week" out here in February, which just sounds so refreshing if you haven't been having to battle snowstorms and shovel your driveway every day of the week.

    And make sure you see a chiropractor for that arm--you'll need it later on to pat yourself on the back some more.

  6. hear you're back in the deep freeze back there....thank Dog you have all those woolen sox available....or have they all been given out as

    hey kate ...congrats on the book winding down...lov ya nanza


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