THIRTY TWO freaking inches. That's what the local weatherman said. Wowee. But it's fluffy and that means easy to plow and that probably means school tomorrow. Talk about whining, X, you should hear the laments of the boys.

Okay, remember that I brought you the joys of the Brawny Man? Huh? Remember him? I'm out there for you, looking for more astoundingly bad videos to love.

Here's another ad campaign I found over at Jesus General. (Why does he link to it?). It isn't as mortifying but it is more mystifying. The stories are just so damned ODD. What's with the slippers? I watched a bunch of the peculiar little things before I realized I really didn't have to.

There never is any soup.


  1. viral marketing gone awry?

    I would think that mentioning the product, or at least slipping the logo into the stories might be a good thing? But what do I know.

    Whoa. 32 inches. Tis a lot of fluff.

  2. We got 26.9. And school tomorrow (woo-hoo!).


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