and speaking of low expectations (or TMI)

All you women who complain bitterly about men who leave the toilet seat up?
It can be far worse. The males in your life might not bother to raise the seat--and then try, with a spectacular lack of success, to aim for the hole while the seat's in place.

Here's the TMI Part: 2 am. not quite awake, in the dark, the female sits on the seat and meets a very cold puddle of pee. Oh and look. The lid's all wet too. This is not the first time. . .

All 3 boys deny being the culprit. If it happens again, I'm setting up a video camera and then forcing the criminal to clean that bathroom for the rest of his residency in this house.


  1. Oh the toilet lid fights in our house are epic - mostly involving the lip being dropped or slammed loudly at 6 a.m. when the boys get up, thus waking me up, and I don't have to stior for another hour. Argh.

  2. I don't know how it will be when Xavier gets older (he's only 4) but he currently wipes off any pee that he dribbles on the rim with toilet paper and always lifts the seat before and puts it back down after. He didn't learn this from me, it was all Mark. Mark is quite possibly the most polite bathroom user I have ever met. He always puts the seat down, cleans up any dribbles, scubs any streaks and when he gets up to pee in the middle of the night? The man sits down because he knows he has bad aim. And the funny thing is? I would never say a word about him puting the seat down when he's done 'cause you know what? I would never put it up for him. I've been loving that man an awful lot lately so pardon my gushing, but he's just so damned cute.
    Oh and I am going to be seriously outnumbered in my house soon. We found out monday the baby is a boy. Yay for boys! I'm still trying to convince Mark that his name should be Sirius, but he's just not going for it. I was 20 weeks on sunday so we're halfway there. I'm so excited!

  3. Oy. Peeing battles. Flushing battles.

    (We have a poltergeist who insists on using the toilet, adding about 1/4 roll of toilet paper, and then not flushing. It has to be a ghost--no mortals in the house are fessing up.) (Based on close observation though, I think our poltergeist may be female--the mortal men/boys in the house are not addicted to reams of toilet paper.)

    I had a friend who every week put a stack of nickels by the toilet. For every infraction she noted, she pocketed a nickel. At the end of the week, the nickels were divided between her two sons. Most weeks there were no nickels and they got angry at each other. Eventually they got the point. I mentioned this system to my two girls: "But we can't buy anything with NICKELS," they replied. Humph.

  4. I have to admit I've never had any sympathy for the whole toilet seat debate. Seat up, down, doesn't matter to me. (and yes I have experienced those late night horror visits to the toilet) I only have one demand of the menfolk in my house and that is they clean the damn things. Which they both do with equanimity.


  5. Can't remember. Did you catch my cat poo post on Valentine's Day?

    The man sits down because he knows he has bad aim.

    I do that in the middle of the night because I'm tiiiiired. I'm not up to the challenge of aiming.

  6. Totally unrelated, but I thought I'd let you know that lots of people are finding me by googling kate loves karen. Somehow they end up finding my review of Somebody to Love. *g*

  7. #1 son, #1 being8:56 PM

    HOW DO U KNOW IT'S NOT SUSIE!?!? OR ALIENS?!?! UR BEING TOO QUICK TO JUDGE!!! btw, i'm sure it was Tom, i would know if it was alex, as I am in the same room with him. Also, Tom is young, and hasnt mastered the delicate art of... erm... u know. U GOT NOTHIN ON ME, MONKEY!!!! NUTHIN!!!!!! *foams rabidly at mouth*

  8. boy one? Calm yourself. The camera will be in place soon and the truth will be evident to the whole world.

    And Karen, lots of people huh? I'll pay you big big bucks to change that review. I wonder what they're looking for? I mean are karen and kate a big item in the real world? I get a lot of hits from people looking for kate's playground.


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