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My boss called to say we're getting some new refugees--Turkish women.

I tend to scan the news for wars and unrest because I know that we'll be getting some in a year or so. And sure enough, we've gotten Darfur/Sudanese, Somalians, Liberians, Afghans, and, until a couple of years ago, Bosnians. But Turkey? Are there kurdish people there, too? because from my hazy knowledge of this stuff, kurds tend to be unpopular in a lot of places, kind of like Jews.** I assume they're not Jews because some group?? Jewish Family Services?? is extremely active (and amazingly good at their work) in this area and more likely to step in to help.

Something happen in Turkey in the last couple of years? I guess I better go google.


**I was a kid in DC, back when a synagogue near Connecticut Ave had a big sign that read "SAVE SOVIET JEWRY" Someone had spray-painted Win Valuable Prizes! under that. I thought that was the funniest damn thing I'd ever seen.


  1. Yes, there are Kurds in Turkey, and they're about as popular there as in Iraq. I think they're also in Iran, too.

    Google 'Kurdistan'. It doesn't exist officially as a country, more as an ethnic area.

    Of course, we good old colonial powers carved up these areas and made borders for our political purposes, with no regard for ethnic, language and religious groups - all over the Middle east, Central Asia, Asia and Africa. And then we wonder why they don't want to live happily together.

  2. Kurds are in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, etc.

    My grandfather was an Armenian refugee from NW Iran--the folks who told him to get moving were the Kurdish tribe from the next village over. (And the family which came to his door was the same ones who had killed his grandfather in a robbery gone bad a few years earlier. The poor tribes in Central Asia stick together and fight against each other with great loyalty.)

  3. Loved the suggestive photos. Reminds me of the time I took a photo of Karen's bent arm and posted it as if it were butt crack. Funny thing . . . it did nothing to boost my traffic.

    Jewry -- I never understood that word when I was a kid. Still don't. Why not just say "Jews"?

  4. bron and suisan, how come you guys are so smart? can I take some of those smart pills too?

    and maybe those smart people know why it's jewry and not jews. Maybe we're talking a tradition or institution rather than a bunch of people?

    Speaking of tribalism, my granny was an active Zionist in a big way right after WWII. Woowee she was one of the originals--I found an article she wrote about discovering Herzl's writings. I wonder what she'd think if she were alive today. . . probably be pretty blind to any sins.

    She was also a believer of collective guilt. The only letter I ever got from her was when I went to Germany and she wondered why in the world I would go mingle with The People that killed so many members of my family. (answer: because I took German in high school. Why? because I liked the teacher)

  5. Hoo, you got me with that work-safe site! I admit: I balked. And I wasn't even at work!

    But in the end I couldn't resist, and then I laughed and laughed. I should always trust you, O Purveyor of Balkan Socks Which Have Kept My Feet Toasty Lo These Chilly Nights.

  6. That's *BOSNIAN* sox.

    Damn. When will they invent an Edit function for comments?


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