Summer Devon's second book

Two things about Summer's new book:

1. It's going to be available earlier than I'd expected--January instead of April.

2. It's got a cover. I really like it--posers, major man-titty and all. The mood fits a moment in the story, too.

I whined about another, earlier cover the art people sent me because I thought the posers' limbs were bizarre and both figures floated over the couch. (What is with that, anyway? is it matter of shadows?)

anyway. . . here's the new one.
The art department didn't tell me to stick my opinions where the sun don't shine. They didn't even politely ignore me. They actually changed the cover and anchored the characters on the couch. I think they're even going to change it again because the title doesn't have a capital "L". They caught that. I didn't.

I have to get a review copy to send to Mrs. Giggles because she inspired the story. Besides, she hasn't savaged Summer yet. ("Savage Summer" Now there's a great title)
cover by Syneca


  1. For those of us that missed the Mrs. Giggles rant (total oversight on my part), what a.) inspired this plot and b.) what did it transform into?

    In other words, can I please, oh please get me some back copy? ;)

  2. it's a great rant. Here's the bit that got me thinking about what kind of guy wouldn't know from sex:

    We will laugh in derision if it's the male virgin who is blinking and gasping and going "No, no, no! What... are those?" as the heroine jiggles her bare breasts before him, so why do dumb females get off so easy? I mean, can you imagine reading something like this in a romance novel?

    Randy was stunned at the swift hardening of his maleness. In all his thirty years of living, he had never felt such lust for a woman before. Was his erection normal? He had always buried himself in work, never finding time to date, and besides, most women he met bored him. The one time he dated, the woman rubs herself against him, and he was disgusted at such loose morals...
    "And this, Randy, is how a man feels like during sex," Amazonia whispered as Randy convulsed into his first orgasm in all his thirty years of living. "What is happening to me?" Randy groans. "What's all this white stuff?"

    "That, Randy, is what makes a baby."

    The image of him holding a baby brought such longing in his heart that he burst into tears."

    (Excerpt from Mrs G's A Very Bad Romance Novel - A Parody, nah, just kidding.)

    here's the rest.

  3. that is an awesome cover, Miskate! Congratulations!


  4. You can send books to Mrs. Giggles? I thought she was on the other side of the world. Plus, she hasn't reviewed a book in a month. I think she quit.


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