Dear Me

Dear People Who Sent Me Christmas Cards,

You know who you are.

I know who many of you are. I don't know all of you and I wonder how you got my address.** But I won't worry about that until you send me pictures of yourself nekkid. Right now I like the Santas and whatnot. I'll just say:

1. I love Christmas Cards. Or Holiday Cards.
2. Don't expect one from me, because apparently I'm incapable of sending them.
3. Thank you.




**Or if you really meant to write to me. One of you said you loved my books and listed a title I don't recognize.


  1. *scratches Kate off the Christmas card list*
    Sometimes I think not buying gifts or sending cards is the best things friends can do for one another. I'd rather go out for lunch with someone and not have guilt about sending a card out on time than get a card that just goes in the pile with all the rest.

    Hope you and the boys had a great Christmas and are enjoying the school vacation. . . (yeah, right!)


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