map time

I keep seeing these things all over the blog world so I want one too. I just have to figure out where to put the little sucker.

In the meantime, I'll plop it down here. You can be the first and add yourself. I'm going to go to Jason's blog and look at his gorgeous photos of graveyards.

Check out our Frappr!


  1. Weird. It put me about 15 miles away . . . right in the middle of the woods. Close enough, I guess.

  2. Now you know where to find me - or thereabouts. (No detailed maps for my neck of the bush on Frappr.)

  3. I tried! But Montevideo seems to be an invalid city!

  4. Hey it's so VERY cool to see you guys all over the map. I love that picture of you, Sam!

    And rosario, sorry Montevideo doesn't exist--bad news for the 1.35 million people who thought they live there.

    [I didn't just make a # up for once. I looked it up on wikipedia]

  5. Rosario - I tried and Paris didn't exist either - then I realized you have to hit the 'not in the USA' button.
    After that it was a bit easier. Was that the problme? Otherwise I do think it's odd there's no montevideo. It does exist - I've been there!

  6. Erm... thought I'd come and see ya just to show that I haven't abandoned you! I will get round to reviewing your books I promise, but all in good time *g*

  7. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Hey, Kate. Thanks for the shout!


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