Suisan's meme

Turns out I really love to do these things. I wonder why.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:
1. The stuff I do every day. I like it.
2. Go back to a tropical place.
3. Go on a long bike ride, even though I'll be on my ol' granny bike.
4. Get more book contracts.
5. Develop some more interesting ambitions.
6. Okay--I'll go for something standard. Write an excellent book that has staying power.. and, duh, that's a best seller.
7. Win the lottery and give away almost all of it to complete strangers.

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Exercise regularly for more than a couple of months before the routine falls apart.
2. Be chirpy in the morning.
3. Sing a tune when other people are singing a different tune. Rounds are out.
4. Give up certain harmful addictions.
5. Skate, ski or anything that requires a good sense of balance.
6. Stop reading blogs.
7. Find a reasonable plot for this book I'm writing.

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Spouse (or Significant Other, Best Friend, etc.)
1. He is funnier than almost anyone else on the planet.
2. He's got a strong moral code but usually knows when he needs to allow for human mistakes (except maybe his own?).
3. He makes a killer apple pie.
4. When I really need him, he's there. Usually.
5. The kids are still intimidated by him. No, sounds bad, but boyoboy, I need that.
6. He's got fantastic runner's legs.
7. Despite the wicked sense of humor he tells the worst jokes. Over and over. Hmmm. Is that attraction? Sure. Dang I wish he read my blog.

Seven Things I Say (or Write) Most Often:
1. No, I mean it. Stop that. Now.
2. I'm counting to three.
3. Stop.
4. Watch out. I'm getting angry now. I mean it.
5. Oh you are such a good dog. (in a syrupy voice.)
6. Yowza dude.
7. uh oh.

Seven Books (or Series) I love:
1. The OED
2. Anything by Sarah Caudwell
3. Nearly everything by Judith Ivory.
4. The stack of old Doonesbury books in the bathroom. I just wish they didn't seem so timely again.
5. At the moment-- Terry Pratchett
6. New York City Guide of 1893
7. When I'm sick--PG Wodehouse or Benson's Mapp and Lucia books

Movies I Would Watch Over and Over Again:
I don't particularly like to watch movies over and over, but there are some I don't mind...most of them are kids' movies because kids are the ones who enjoy that kind of thing and I hang out with them.

1. Philadelphia Story, except the parts when her pig of a father blames her for his philandering. But the drunk scene? Makes up for it.
2. Pie-rats of the Carribean.
3. Muppet Treasure Island it's really not bad.
4. Princess Bride
5. Nightmare Before Christmas a family tradition
7. His Girl Friday hey, Suisan! I added that to my list before I rechecked yours! ha. I just watched it two nights ago.

People I Want To Join In (Be Tagged)
I don't know seven people who haven't done this one. You go ahead and grab it if you want!


  1. Kate, we have SO MANY in common.

    Like the movies, and the stop reading blogs, and the plot, and the amazing runners' legs (spouses', not ours), and the sense of humor, and all that. I love doing these things, too, and reading them.


  2. OMG! Somebatty (!) who knows, reads and possibly loves the Lucia books. I started reading them when I was about 12, and haven't stopped yet. I now know large swathes by heart, yet I never read them without seeing something in a way I hadn't before. Long live Mapp and Lucia!

    Dullcie Anne

  3. Cool! love your lists, and I love that you like to do these silly, ahem, *Enlightening* memes.

    I do love His Girl Friday. I do.

  4. I'm not sure if you've heard this story or not . . .

    Back when I was an academic, one of my duties was to interview med school wannabes. I liked to ask them offbeat questions like, "What was the last fiction book you read?" (I'm still looking for the most common response on the shelves. Ever hear of a book called Duh?) In response to, "What's your favorite movie," Princess Bride was the most common response.

    Honestly, I don't understand the attraction. I love Mandy Patinkin in that movie (well, in just about anything, really) and Peter Falk is great, too. But Cary Elwes & the chick who plays Buttercup . . . ew. Just my 2c, which you didn't ask for.

  5. Love Cary Elwes even when he's the bad guy. Very dry humor.

    Pincess Bride was a great movie.


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