I missed that Thursday thang

PBW and Monica marked Blog Against Racism day. So did Beth ("Please don't be a racist.")

For anyone who thinks that it's not a real issue these days, here's an article to help change your mind. Dang, I hope GAF takes its business elsewhere. Lovely if Walmart lost 50,000 dollah for obvious idiocy.


  1. And as a totally statesist (statist?) comment, it's shocking to think that such a thing happened in Florida. Not.

    Spent a few months in Sarasota. Three out of four times my black friend left the house to walk to the minimall, he was stopped by police and asked for ID. Sigh.

  2. You missed mine, too! Not that it was all that great. Nevertheless, if you happen to be an Alan Rickman fan, you ought to check out my second post that day.

  3. We had Thanksgiving Dinner with a friend and his sister and part of the meal ended up being extremely uncomfortable because his sister kept throwing out casually racist comments. I have relations who are horribly racist and have raised their children that way, people who have a real problem with my brother's wife being Jewish and my sister's second husband being Native American. There's my extended in-laws who have no problem with describing what they think should be done to homosexuals. One of the great stories in their family is of when one of the men, who set up a meeting for Forest Lawn and Mount Sinai, the corporately-linked Jewish cemetary, ordered ham, eggs and pork sausage for the breakfast. They felt the Mount Sinai reps should have just "sucked it up" and eaten the pork without complaining.

    Sad to say, I'm not surprised at all. It's an on-going battle that will continue for many, many years and will likely never be completely won, which means we should never become complacent.


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