8 boring things about a rahthah boring day . . today

1. At 5:30 am, not a flake had fallen.
2. By 6:30 am, the schools had closed and there were at least two inches. (Now more'n 12")
3. I still haven't shoveled outside--inside, yes. Some of us still need to learn about taking off boots before wandering around the house.
4. What's with Children These Days? I have to shove boyz outside to play. I toss out the tobaggans and tubes. Lock the door. Scream "GO SLEDDING" through the keyhole.
5. That plastic shrink wrap stuff for insulating bad windows is extremely cool. It is kinda trashy for this neighborhood. . . Yet another advantage.
6. Boyz reappear within an hour, suffering from computer withdrawal.
7. I want more coffee.
8. Before I grind the beans, I will blast windows with brand new hairdryer. Dual purpose: gets windows smooth and drives boys from computer room. This window treatment makes me think about the past, too. That's always fun.


  1. I miss shrinkwrapping the windows.

    I tried to exlpain this procedure to my daughter, but she just looks at me, mightily confused.

  2. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I toss out the tobaggans and tubes. Lock the door. Scream "GO SLEDDING" through the keyhole.

    Sad, but funny.

  3. My youngest is SUCH an inside child LOL. But seriously it's computer/tv/playstation withdrawls I swear


  4. Anonymous10:06 PM

    we went skiing, all together, it was pretty good. I never thought I would enjoy such a gentrified sport as downhill skiing. when I was in college, a freind and I used to just gear up and get in the lift lines (theft of services if you were wondering) and I learned to ski that way, but this year and last and the one before that (whenever that was) I bought season passes to a mountain here, and we play hookey and ski. they get off the playstation to do it too, well, after a lil while.

  5. OK - what is shrinkwrapping the windows?
    Call me clueless, but I grew up in the tropics, lol.

  6. You put plastic over the inside of the windows to block the cold--an extra layer of insulation.

    If you get a particular sort of clear plastic, you can blow hot air on it with a hair dryer and it tightens up, the wrinkles disappear and it doesn't look as shoddy as a big old honking plastic sheet over the window.

    Actually it's pretty good (at first anyway).You can barely tell the sheet is over the window, until the boys bump into it and it gets dusty.

  7. One step up from shrink wrap (or down) is tinfoil, right? I've never had to do either due to the temperate climate I live in (not a lot of snow, enough rain to float stuff away, but no snow), but I can see the necessity. It's damn important to stay warm.

    Your story about throwing the kids outdoors reminds me of an essay by David Sedaris from Dress Your Family in Cordoroy and Denim where he talks about his mom shoving them outside for too long so they pretended a car hit their sister. Please tell me that you don't have that book anywhere in your house where your children can get at it. Who needs to give them ideas.


  8. BSC...aluminum foil? on the windows? huh? wha'? This is like thick saran wrap. We can see out the windows. Sort of.

    And we have that David Sedaris book on tape. So far the only one the kids like is "6 to 8 Black Men."

  9. HOWLING over your tossing the kids to the snow.

    Foiling windows is mainly done in summertime, I think. Anything to reflect rather than absorb the sun.

    Catching up on blogs this afternoono - enjoyed this one. (grin)


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