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random thing:
Study Links Bake Sales, Weight Problems I mostly like the headline.

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R-(or X?)rated random thing:

'k. I just read another historical romance (mainstream, as in not advertised as erotica) that had a long description of the guy's "manroot". Color, size, shape, texture--everything was dwelt upon in great detail. And for the woman? She had a "slit". Ha. Didn't even rate a delicate hued flower or tuna-scented lovenest.

And anyway, here's the thing, the vagina is the one part romance rioters go on about. "tight velvet sheathe." Granted, it's part of the package and plays a big role in those graphic love scenes, but since we're talking female pleasure and the female audience for romances, shouldn't there be excruciating detailed scenes starring the clit? Or at least a passing mention of size or something? Something more than "nub" What a word. Nub. (TMI-time: I've been told I have a small one. I would have preferred "dainty" of course. I dunno. A couple of times when I was younger and didn't have children, I got out the mirror and had a look. [I don't think it was the having babies that made me give up checking myself out. It was probably having children who would naturally wander in a the wrong moment. "Ma, what the heck are you doing?"])

It's not like we women can check out each other's naughty bits in the locker room. How else are we straight women supposed to know that our equipment is up to par if we don't have romance or erotica writers telling us what we're supposed to look like? They've been ruining male sex organs' egos for years. Time to set us females straight too.

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I was going to rant about sweatshirts and boys' inability to locate the lost and found, but I think I'll just go back to writing. I'm due to murder someone and I always enjoy that.


  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    here is a case where size really doesn't matter, as long as the charachters can find the lil nubbin...

  2. Comment 1: Did you ever think that someone told you your's was small - to make you feel inadequate? (i.e., a boy power thing.)
    Comment 2: TMI TMI! TMI!! TMI!!! TMI!!!! TMI!!!!! TMI!!!!!!

  3. yeah, tmi...luckily, no one in my family reads my blog. Just a lot of strangers and a few friends--who are probably going to tell me how gross I am in the next couple of days.

  4. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Some men can't find the nub even if they had a Seeing Eye dog and a map. Manroot? Why does the image of a large purple veggie spring to mind?

    "After hunting through the fridge for the manroot she'd purchased at the grocery store, Tessa lay in bed prepared to pleasure herself since her boyfriend couldn't find her tiny nub even if it killed him, and concerned himself only with her tight velvet sheathe."

  5. Wow.

    It's Clit Week in the Romance Blogosphere.

    Sort of like Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.

  6. OK, I think it is Clit Week on the blogosphere.

    But I had to comment about the bake sale thing. Ask an entire PTA to do away with the bake sale? For the good of the children? Oooo.... Let's just not mess with the PTA ladies, shall we?

    Those are some pretty dedicated, oddly territorial, and often obsessed and emotional women. Please don't ask me to ruffle their feathers. I'd rather cut busing, close an elementary school, and redraw school attendance boundaries than ask the PTA of any school to do something different.

    (Full disclosure: I've taken part in doing all of the above, AND we have a nutrition policy in place which strictly forbids any junk food, AND the PTAs still run after school ice cream sales as fundraisers every Thursday, AND we can't get them to stop. Those ladies and gents with their sugar. Look out.)

  7. 1) TMI LOL

    2) I HATE the PTA

    3) Please dont crucify me. I won't change my mind.

  8. Manroot?
    I have read where a clit was called a 'dewy pearl'
    I kind of gagged over that one. Cute, but flowery.
    But manroot? How is that supposed to be sexy?
    And don't feel bad about having a small clit - think about the poor women in Islamic countries who get their ripped out.*shudder* Sometimes I wish God really did exist. Then maybe he'd get pissed at all the bullshit being done in 'his name' and throw some serious lighting bolts.

  9. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Actually, I've seen plenty of other women's "naughty bits" in the locker room at my gym. It's like a nudist colony in there.

    Kathy M


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