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  1. Dog says, "Why'dya wake me up?"

  2. Anonymous1:03 PM

    And dog's chair. Doesn't let you sit there, does he/she?

  3. Dog clearly thinks, "If that isn't food or a toy in your hand, why is it pointed at me?"

  4. i love dogs! my favorite are mini-daschunds.

    i'm not home enough to own one, but when i have time i go to pet shops and play with them (to the chagrin of the staff).

    kate - i put a link to your blog on mine. hope you dont mind.


  5. The ears and eyebrows... dog or cartoon? What a hunny!

  6. that's Soozee.
    She's about 30 lbs heavier now and that dog bed (donated by a neighbor) got chewed to pieces long ago.

    Yes, the ears and eyebrows are still perfect.

    She's a mix of rottweiler, shepherd, chow and comes from the back streets of hartford. She's one mean puppy--on walks, when it comes to garbage cans, she's ruthless.


    Okay, that garbage can is shaking with fear, dog. You scared it. Can we cross back over the street again and walk on the same side as the cans?

  7. LOL!
    Silly puppy!
    My dog only barks at hedgehogs - she pricked her nose on one as a puppy and never forgot those ferocious beasts. So when she finds one in the garden she goes beserk.


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