we's tough 'round here.

from today's Hartford Courant:

"It's pretty routine," West Hartford Town Manager Barry Feldman said. "If we can't figure out six inches of snow in New England, we all ought to move to Augusta, Ga."

I love Mr. Feldman. Seriously. The guy produces the best town council notes I've ever read. I'm going to start a Barry Feldman fan club (and I plan on remaining an active member even after I move to Augusta, Ga).


  1. That's where Mark lived for most of his life, he says it smelled like easter lilies and honeysuckles.

  2. I have to assume that Augusta's the place that smells like easter lilies and honeysuckles--Hartford doesn't!

  3. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Knowing Barry Feldman, he probably has already started the Barry Feldman fan club.

  4. yeh, it smells like that once the air clears from the paper mills.


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