The email I sent this morning (from a winter wimp)

Hi School People,

This is the second time in the last couple of years you guys have decided to hold school when there was a layer of ice on the ground. Personally, I'd much rather haul the kids through snow than over this stuff. We live a block from school--my kid fell four times and I fell twice (ow, ow). More seriously--as we walked, a car stopping too fast at the corner of A___ and F___ slid and almost jumped the curb.

Now I'm going back to school to take a change of clothing to him because he got thoroughly soaked when he fell . . . but before I slide out of here, I thought I'd whine at you some: Cancel school on ice days. Please. I know the world doesn't look particularly menacing when it's just icy rain and not lots of the scenery-transforming white stuff, but believe me, it's a scary place out there just now.

limping back to school (by car this time),

Kate Rothwell


  1. Next time, I'd keep the kids home and lie about them being sick. It would teach your children a good lesson about when not to respect authority.

    -- Doug, who has never had to deal with this situation ;o)

  2. Please be sure to post any response you receive on this one, Kate.

  3. They're not going to write back. They never do. (they never call, they never write. . .sniffle.)

  4. I thought all nawth'ners had ice crunching shoes that spike in when you walk. Or, that you skate everywhere. Not true? Cleats, man. Get some metal cleats.


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