Poor, poor pitiful me.


1. The Flirtin' Fir.

It sings, wiggles, bobs around (the marabou feathers add a lot with a kind of drifting effect) The star on the top -- slightly wonky off to the side --lights up. So do the bulbs all over it. And the ones on the base. The song is "Santa Baby" lithped in baby talk. We can get one phrase "Santa Baby" -- the rest is grating, high pitched gibberish. The boys press the on button to listen and try to figure out the lyrics. Often. **

The pink high heels. The random pink string. The glittering green cloth body. The not-quite-on-key horn accompaniment.

Thank you, L. I know where you live.

2. That puzzle.

1,500 pieces. The boy seems to be doing it. He's just messing up all the pieces I've turned over. I hate puzzles but I can't leave them alone.

3. YOU people.

I'm extending the contest a day or two. Granted, the entries I've gotten are pretty high quality, but more would be good.

Come on, ya lazy lubbers. If you don't enter, I know who you are. I'll randomly send one of you non-entrants the tree. Be afraid. To save yourself, enter. (Megan? Don't forget, I've now got your address at hand. No need to do the cyber-stalking thing.)


** Boy 1 looked up the lyrics. They're worse than we'd imagined.


  1. Noooooo! I hate the song "Santa Baby." Love Eartha Kitt, hate that song. Even more than "Little Drummer Boy," which I really don't like (so my husband's personal Christmas mission is to find versions I don't despise--hence track #2 on that disc).

    I'm just not imaginative enough to enter the contest. I'm having enough trouble editing my own damn writing.

  2. Love that tree, lol.
    We used to ahve a singing fish - I can't listen to 'Don't Worry, be Happy' without gagging now.

  3. You've never seen Victoria Jackson do Santa Baby on SNL? I LOVE that song!

  4. I *snort* Like Santa Baby, at least the version that I listen to. AND I love puzzles .... wish I had more time to work on them. *smirk*

    Have you seen the normal size deer head, that you can hang on the wall, that moves and sings? ... LOL ... I wish I had enough money to waste some on getting several for some DESERVING people I know. *snicker*

    eHarlequin.com Community

  5. My eyebrows have achieved orbit around the earth...That's...an...er...
    Interesting tree you got there. Is ALMOST as hideous as a bowl we got as a wedding gift many moons ago.

    "Santa Baby" makes me gag, and our singing fish sings 2 songs--I can hear the words, just can't remember the titles.

  6. I'll see your singing tree and raise you a singing crocodile - head and tail move, and it sings "Take me to the river, put me back in the water. I WANNA go to the RIVAH, take me to the river now, and put me back in the WATTAH." Who records these things? Lucky for me, postage of tree to Australia would wreck the US economy. Whew. Have a Happy New Year anyway."


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