No, the ennui is not the kids' fault or even mine. It's the new medication for the blood pressure and I'm in lala land. My betas are too blocked. I'm dozing off at traffic lights.

My solutions to ennui include:

- Not taking the damned beta blocker

- Reading John Gardner's Nickel Mountain and Flo Fitzpatrick's Hot Stuff.

- Making plans to go to the conference in New Jersey in October.

- Singing U2 songs [uno! dos! tres! catorce!**... hello, hello / I'm in a place called Vertigo] at the boys until they promise to get off the computer. They're now playing Dungeons and Dragons.
boy 1: Will you use the whip or a long imprisonment.
boy 2: Nah, let me kill more people. About twenty. And then I'll go down the shaft if it no longer contains the gnolls.

I hear that Gnolls like to torture intelligent life forms because they scream louder.

Wholesome entertainment.

**why do they go from three to fourteen?


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