lazy postage day

I'm doing an romanceunleashed entry today. Just some very basic links for procrastination that feels like research. I had a long entry written--lots of coolio links. The computer hiccupped and dumped it.

Isn't anyone going to get outraged by my porn post? Jeez. You could at least roll your eyes. I'm lonely.

Cleaning time. We're getting a case of houseguests. On Friday we are dragging our houseguests (in-law types) up for a Vacation of counting and scratching mosquito bites and playing poker. Last time we stayed in this cabin, we didn't sleep because the mice played rugby football all night long in the rafters.


  1. dude I can't think about the whole porn debate today - i'm too busy being pissy over the whole awards ceremony fiasco. *g*

  2. OK, I try to remember the time when I was still an innocent little girl who didn't know anything about gay bondages sex, let alone write it, and roll my eyes. :)

    Consider them rolled.

    I browsed a few stories from the Gay and BDSM sectors, but frankly, they bored me to the point of sleeping. Maybe I picked the wrong ones, but if I want good slash, I can find a few pearls among the muck on the LOTR slash fanfic archives. ;)

  3. I don't know. If my head is in a weird place, I can sort of see the fascination with some of the "sick" stuff, but mostly it leaves me queasy. I read quite a bit of S/M stuff to get into the head of a character I was writing who was a sadist. It must have worked. My critique partner had a friend who was into the domination scene, and he said I'd nailed the character.

  4. Paula! Which book? When? I can't wait to read this!!!!!

  5. It's out. The wicked stepmother from FOR HER LOVE. She just did a lot of sublimating.


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