Last Word on the Subject...?

From Wendy Burbank of Medallion with permission to forward:"Medallion Press has received a letter from the Executive Director of RWA stating that our status as a publisher was revoked in error."

My question du jour: is "backpedaling" one word or two?


  1. Oy!

    Truly this is getting beyond what can be excused with a giggle and a cutesy chagrined 'my bad'. It's time for the grown ups to own up and be accountable.


  2. somebody needs to take the sharp knives & tongues away from the children and let the adults take over.

    there ARE adults in there.


  3. Tee Hee Hee, how about a slice of this delicious humble pie?

  4. nah, there'd be wide-spread mockery and snorting no matter what they wrote.

    A quiet little note is all they should bother with. There was one from Allison Kelley making the usual rounds.

  5. I think that what's happening is that we are seeing the adults come out to take control. There's been too many missteps over the past year -- and that's only what I could see from outside since I didn't re-up with RWA until last Monday -- and I think there's a concerted effort to get things back on track before the new board comes in. Gayle Wilson sure has a large job before her.

  6. I agree with Caro. I'd say RWA's last year was a joke and each new blunder only adds to humor. Let's hope Gayle Wilson and the Board have a better sense of direction next year.

  7. I would really love to have been able to follow this series of events from start to finish...from the inside.


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