this is my 50th post on this blog

Spiffy (Bet you forgot that word existed. I say it's even more due for a resurgence than groovy. It could be argued that both words should be buried deep in a landfill.) anyway, spiffy article about blogging by Joel Achenbach. Yes, you have to sign in. Suck it up--this is the Washington Post. They won't sell your name to any bankers in Nigeria.

* * *
Beth is worrying about setting a date for her manuscript. She thinks she's got one now. Well, ha on that, Kate says bitterly. I changed my first book's date about ten times. Photography, a presidential assassination, famous weather events and other dopey details kept getting in the way of my plot. And then that stupid Grand Central Depot was a problem. . .

I think I like Candy's philosophy. If it ain't in Wikipedia or Google ignore it.

Unfortunately the editor, Hilary Sares ##, knows too much about the subject of photography. I think we exchanged about 15 emails about it, and then I had to go out and find more books and experts. Now I have random facts floating around my brain. Alas for the poor contest entrant who sent in a chapter of a book set in 1870 and in a photo studio. She mentioned film, the poor fish. I soon set her straight.

* * * *

I want to run a contest again--I have too many Bosnian socks. I can give away a book I didn't write--my friend Lori Devoti sent me an "contest copy" of her book. I have that to give away. Should it be here or at the old blog? Should it be write the ad copy? write the cover copy? fifty five words? random crap? do you care?


## I would trade my first-born child to work with the vague, mellow, sharp and witty HS again. I love the woman. . . .Of course I'm thinking of trading the first-born for other reasons.


  1. Contest? Did someone say contest?

  2. Nah, I won't change it. It was my spark. It is now sacred.

    And I SUCK at contests, I ALWAYS lose and I just want some Bosnian socks!! I emailed you about it forever ago, in fact, but no answer. What gives, socklady?

    PS: No, not Family Circus!!!!! Nnnnnnoooooooooooo!!!!!

  3. Heh heh. Why do you think I set my story in some sorta-future Egypt with the guns that take digital pictures and bomb-proof cellphones with voice recognition software? Setting a story in real life or history is hard work, man. Way too much research for me.

    F'rinstance: I tried writing some Regency Smut, and right away, Maili pointed out that "stableboy" referred to a servant who was, on the average, about twelve years old; it wasn't until the later Victorian age that stableboy also meant an adult man. I had to replace all mentions of "stableboy" with "groom" in the manuscript to avoid making my story a piece of Regency Pedophile Smut. Thank God for Word's find-and-replace function.

  4. AH CRAP! That last comment was left by me, Candy, and not Nicole. I'm helping Nicole with her blog and forgot to sign out.

    *bangs head on desk*

    Ummm, any way you can edit comments, Kate? *puppy eyes*

  5. Nope. Can't edit it.

    Nichole will probably be rubbing her hands with gleee when you publish your regency smut. When it becomes wildly successful, she'll claim she deserves the royalties because she wrote it. You'll have to be ready to get a good lawyer because we have some pre-publication evidence here.

  6. "...when you publish your regency smut..."

    Awww, you cock-eyed optimist, you!

    Or has my SASS (stupid-ass serial story) bedazzled you so much that you're positive publication lies in my future?

    *runs away snickering*


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