customer complaint stories at sexyland.

omigod....dolly, jeffy and pj on the dildo....oh damn, I'm gonna start laughing again and it hurrrrts.

It's not for the kids.

And since I'm probably already doomed to at least an outer circle of hell, there's this Onion article. Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity with New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory.

Look, Maili-- nothing but links!


  1. Wiggles are big
    Barney? Oh, please. Blue's Clues? Just not the same since Steve left. No, the biggest craze in toddler land right now is a group of giddy, brightly-clad gents from Australia known as The Wiggles.
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  2. what the HELL? Now that is interesting: A bizarrely random comment yet one that somehow might fit somewhere. Not actually an entry that has to do with dildos.

    Children, what have we learned? Today's lesson is that Spam is like bacteria. Its basic nature changes rapidly to fit its eternally hostile environment.

  3. And this dang thing ate my comment.

    Intelligent Falling, now what next? And poor God must be really busy pushing all these things down.

    * bows to retrive the remote from the floor then glares up, "that's not funny". *

  4. Your message probably fell into the void? Ha...get it? fell?

    I'm going to go get a gin and tonic now. Maybe that'll make me funnier?


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