more photos of sox

yeah the sox pix sux and make the page loading absolutely stoneaged slow, so let's get MORE!

The boy is not fat.
He's big though--his feet are about size five. . . here's another picture of those sox.

and more sox and stuff. Aren't you glad you asked, Beth?

like those funny striped ones? I love them things.


  1. Dude, you just coulda answered my email all those months ago, and this wouldn't be necessary.

    I TOTALLY want striped ones! Pink and dark brown and lipstick red! Or, alternatively, Orange and navy blue and bright lime green. Hm, or maybe lilac, sage, and a biscuity brown.

  2. Those stripey ones you see? They're *it* for stripey. They're kind of big. Probably fit me, and I've got size ten feet.

    Nice thing about them is they're made from mostly from Merino wool. Yum for winter. Colors are brown, couple different pinks, cream (natural really) dark green. Very funky.

    I have other socks that could sort of be the way you describe, but they're not stripey. And you have to give me an idea of size.

    Oh, and I have stripey mittens. A Hip New York Editor ordered a bunch last winter and the ladies got over-enthusiastic. We're talking hip, though. Very.

    If you want specific colors you must send us the yarn. We're way way way too disorganized to go out and rummage through the bags of donations. And the language problem doesn't help. I can draw pretty good pictures though.

    This is not like regular shopping I'm afraid.

  3. I just want stripes. I'm not picky.

  4. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Best regards from NY!
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