gimme outside influences....NOW

Honest to god, it's just me and the boys. They refuse to come up with any kind of plans for their own entertainment/edification. If I allowed them, they'd watch tv and do computer the whole day and most of the night.

I want someone to march into our lives and say BOYS, YOU WILL GO OUTSIDE and ENJOY IT. And say to me KATE, YOU WILL WORK and NOT BLOG.

Problem is that's what the husband attempts to do and we all snarl at him. I remind him that I am a grown up and capable of running my own life, thank you. The boys just roll their eyes until he goes away.

Obviously we need some major deity to perform this stirring up function. Heck, more than just the god, we need the whole set up--chariot, winged horses, thunderbolts and artificially amplified voice. Cue deus ex machina.

Failing that, maybe school will do the trick.

And maybe I should send off the money to go to a conference. Vacuumland is not doing it for me. I've been reading a lot of not-great erotica and feel as if I've eaten too many cheap chocolates.

I wonder if the cure is to find some great erotica or read something that engages a different part of the brain?

yes, I'm still whining. What about it? You have anything to suggest? Don't bother unless you have some impressive props.


  1. Kate:

    I don't have any good suggestions. But I thought the point of having more than one was so that they could entertain each other? Maybe have them do some landscaping project that requires lots and lots of dirt? It's been my experience that boys love dirt. Failing that, screw it, let 'em watch TV and go on the computer while you WRITE, not blog. They're going back to school soon anyway, aren't they?

  2. Read some Jane Austen. It's totally working for me.

  3. Well, as an erotica writer I can only suggest some of my books. How about 'A Grand Passion'? or if you like slapstick, 'My Fair Pixie'? I'm in the middle of edits so I know how annoying it is to have kids underfoot. Mine are all outside now riding their bikes. I packed a few cookies and a bottle of juice and told them to find a good picknick spot. I can actually see them out the front window, lol. They got as far as the village square and are camped out on the church steps.

  4. Pop all the way out of your genre and read some fine writing by, e.g., Raymond Chandler, James M. Cain, or (my favorite) Nathanael West (Day of the Locust; Miss Lonelyhearts).


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