It's publicity, eh?

Lordy Lord, I have seen the future and it's scarier than those computer generated book covers.

Click on the cover and see the story of Bride Most Begrudging. I'm sorry, but I lost it at the "sold as a bride" frame. The gawping dudes at the auction were too much for me. And the plucked brown eyebrows with the red hair. Oh. Gah. I overloaded.

The friend who sent it to me said "It does have a certain charm . . . Like watching the neighborhood kids put on a play."

The book has a pretty cover, though, eh? And I do like historicals that have a sense of humor. But would you buy the book based on the slide show? Hmmmmmm. I did put it on my blog so that's something. Both of my readers will have heard of the book now.

added a bit later: it's a Bethany House book and there's no mention of faith in the description. Interesting.

Speaking of covers, here's Ann's newest!


  1. The link should be


  2. Maybe Al Sharpton will do us all a favor and show up at her booksigning in Texas instead.

  3. The Bride cover is gorgeous, but the slide show? It'd make me run in the other direction. Ugh.

    Love Ann's cover!

  4. Now THAT was interesting! You know, your friend is right, Kate. This did remind me of kids putting on a play. And it looked like they had a lot of fun doing it. :-) While it may not be polished or professional, I still think it’s cute and a clever bit of marketing. It’s certainly getting attention, and that’s what it’s all about, right? I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more of the same in the future. Lord help us authors, though, if we have to create one of these for each of our books in the future! Eek!

  5. Anonymous1:58 PM




    Oh dear.

    The cover made me want to pick the book up. The slideshow? No way in hell. Why? Because that one shot of the dude grimacing and throwing his cards on the table? Can't get it out of my head. NOT a good selling point.


    p.s. Hey, why can't I leave my name and website any more, yo? The fields for me to enter that information have completely disappeared.

  6. OK, never mind, disregard my postscript. Turns it out was Internet Explorer acting like a dick, and restarting it fixed everything.


    Know what I love the best? Absolutely the dude tossing down his cards. Looks like a rat just bit him on the butt or something. His FACE! Ahahahahaha!!! The music, so chipper, so happy, will be with me all day, playing behind a flashback of dude yelling "UGH!"

    And anyone else notice the college rule and spiral-notebook perforations on the papers that, I guess, are supposed to represent his bride-receipts? Wow, who knew they had college rule back in wheneverthatwas.

  8. This is hysterical. The difference between the classy cover and the cheesy film is overwhelming. And the bride's face as she's being auctioned - smug is the only word that comes to mind, lol.

    Love Ann's cover!!

  9. I love the fact that Ann's cover is just so different!


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