what I hate

My local bookstores no longer have my books in stock. I've checked. I feel as if I've dropped off the face of the earth.

Pity party starts at 11.

Could be worse--I was going to rant about travel and panic stuff but decided it was TMI. (here's a sample-- I'm driving on the highway and I'm Only. Five. Miles. From. Home. Me to passenger: "open that pill bottle and give me a white one. No, not a red one. I already took one of those. And I can't drive if I do the orange. Hell. I'm hyperventilating. The white one, yeah. And water. Do you mind if I sing? Tough. It helps me breathe.")


  1. Prozac helps better than white or red pills, over time.

  2. yeah, the little red one is a prozac equivalent--seratonin uptake bushwa thing.

  3. Can't you ask them to restock?


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