it's a free country but . . .

How do you ask people not to make an appearance? I mean Cindy Sheehan was being taken seriously by many middle Americans and now look. Al Sharpton is going to show up to "lend support".

I don't mind Al myself--the man's a hoot and he knows it. But when he comes galloping up to your side, you can say goodbye to a big chunk of your party right there. The nearly-convinced get nervous. They check their watches and remember how early they have to get up tomorrow.

Poof, there goes your guest list.

You're left with the diehards like who will go skittering off as soon as some other, better party is announced. You have to clean up the mess on your own.

I'm trying to come up with the right wing equivalent. Pat "Jihad" Robertson? Ralph Reed? Randall Terry? Who don't the right of center want showing up at their events? (Not that Cindy S. is only slightly left of center. I agree with her too often--I know that means she's a raving lefty looney.)


  1. The only time that I've laughed at anything Al Sharpton's done without thinking he's a total buffoon was this year's Tony Awards telecast. He did a Cameo for the "Spelling Bee" number. Honestly. If I was staging a protest for a cause in which I believed, he's the last person I'd want to show up. As soon as he appears, most of the world tunes out. I think he removes credibility rather than the other way around.

  2. Maybe Cindy should leave on her transamerican bus tour BEFORE Al gets there.

    I suspect a quiet word of sense between the two of them might work, though. One can hope.


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