YES, Beth or anyone else, you can buy them

I'm talking about the Bosnian rugs, socks etc. Got them all. Do I have recent photos of the actual items? No, because I can't seem to get anyone to take good pictures and my pictures make them look majorly ugly. Maybe after the kids start school, I'll borrow a good camera to take pictures of the rugs because those puppies cost bucks. (About $45-100) I think the rug Fatima's holding is about $70. I'm going to take a picture of her loom, too. ANNNnnnny day now.

The lace takes FOREVER to make and I'm no expert so it looks like much cheaper versions, especially my pictures of it. Sad, eh? Remiza** made the fish. It took about a month and is made with tiny needles and thin stringlike yarn. It's only about two feet long and she charges $40 for it. I think she has a couple of smaller pieces for $25. The big piece of lace Fikreta's holding costs about $100. Her sister, who still lives in Bosnia, made it. Fikreta says she has no patience for that kind of fiddly work.

**Remiza got a job this month!!!! So she's no longer as desperate for money.

The socks are still $12 a pair, but I think this year we're upping the cost to $14.

The purses are small. Maybe seven-ten inches square? I've lost my tape measure and the dog ate the ruler. They're about $12 apiece. Fatima makes all of them. She and Ajisa do most of the weaving.

A lot of women (about 8 just now) make the socks. The socks in the picture are slightly different from most of the ones I've now got. (I have about 3 doz pairs) in that the ones in the photos have cuffs. Most of my socks don't. They do have that sort of geometic pattern happening.

I've got all sizes from kids--all the baby sizes are gone but it takes no time to make them--to size huge. Well, maybe they fit men's size 11? You don't really get to pick colors but you can tell me what you loathe. and I'll avoid it.

If you want to know what they're made of, etc, you can learn more at this spot (there aren't any good photos there, either) or if you want to buy some, you can email me directly at katerothwell @

I charge only shipping. The ladies get all the money from the sale.

Christmas is coming. No, really. Don't get caught without sox. I have some really nice mittens too. I'll have to find a camera or a photographer. Anyone interested?

look, there's my toe


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