what a chump

Sure makes my life easier but I got to say it: my dog is a chump, especially when it comes to the stuff I do to her. She lets me get away with just about anything.

At the moment, she has skin allergies and she can't keep from scratching herself until she bleeds......That's why she's wearing this doofy collar for the next couple of days

She still can't manage going up stairs with the damn collar, and when she eats or drinks, it's just painful to watch---so I take it off of her on occasion.

And then I put it back on.

The putting back on part--that's what boggles me. She just sits there, looking sad, as I slide the hated object on, mangling her poor ears in the process.

Sure she backs away a bit, and twists her head, but that's it. She lets me do it. No growling, no "WTF are you doing this for?" Just a sigh and, when I'm done, a head-shake--clunk rattle rattle

No way she understands its for her own good. She must think (if she thinks at all) I have some sadistic idea of what constitutes a good time. But she doesn't complain and she still comes when I call her. Usually. Even when she sees I'm holding the thing.

It's interesting that we've managed to develop dogs until they're so obedient, they'll put up with discomfort or silliness just because we tell them to. I wonder if Scientists could work on some kind of doggie brain pill we can feed our own young at least until we don't have to live with the offspring any more.

Here's some entertainment based on DCS (Doggie Chump Syndrome). I don't know who the biscuit pooch is, but it's providing us with yet another example of dogs Putting Up With Anything.


  1. awww! Poor Puppy! I have a cat that has allergies, though it's of the snotty head variety as opposed to the skin variety. Dumb cat.

    I've always said they need a nice de-hormonal pill for when the kids have these horrible body snatched days (which I'm positive is because their hormones are over the edge)*sigh* one can dream..

  2. A cat in a collar would have to be a nightmare.

    My kids don't do body-snatched days, just hours or minutes. And I never see the time coming. Normal happy kid then Whoomp! Snarling creature which is sort of the opposite of the dog. Biting when I wasn't even considering any form of torture (such as forcing them to wear plastic collars).

  3. Hey, I don't know if I told you before that we have lookalike dogs. Mine has that bit of Doberman in her that gives the same tan eyebrow patches.

    Anyway, my dog had chronic skin conditions too for a long time. One after another. Itching, chewing, etc.
    A friend recommended Dinovite and it really works. This is a supplement you sprinkle on the dog's food and it contains natural elements they don't receive in their regular dog food. It's expensive, but a gallon jar lasts several months. I put a couple of tablespoons every day on a 60 lb. dog's food.

    She hasn't had skin problems in a couple of years now. I also switched her to lamb dog food because the vet said if a dog is going to have allergies it will more likely be to beef or chicken. He recommended lamb.

    So there you go.

  4. Forgot to add, you get this product online. Go to dinovite.com

  5. Bonnie Great! Time to try something new.

    For weeks I tried lamb dog food, benedryl, doggie oil on the food, and oatmeal baths. Didn't do a thing for her. Now ($200 later) she's on steroids, antibiotics and jammed into a stupid collar. Poor mutt.

    Don't you just love ginger eyebrows? Any pictures of your dog out there?

  6. Oh no! Poor Soozie! I hope it's atleast helping with the itchy spots.


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