Merry Xmas

I hope you got what you wanted for the presents? Anything good?

Here is our messy tree in our messy family room. Note the traditional lobster. Also in picture: on the piano bench, a cookie partially eaten by the fat man and a carrot nibbled by reindeer. By the lamp, the CVS reindeer that sings "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer." Missing from photo: Flirty Fir. No tacky singing object this year. I guess my friends have stopped loving me.

The 25 year old bagels are gone, eaten by a mouse sometime between last Christmas and last week when we pulled out the box of mousy-turded and nibbled decorations.. Not so much of a trace of the two bagels remained.

I will now go use my new Mr. Coffee to make more coffee.


  1. No, I didn't get what I wanted. Stupid standard girlcrap, all of it. But I too have coffee! So I'll survive.

    Merry merry, Kate!

  2. I think I was about 35 when it finally sank in: I would never get what I really wanted from other people. I mean objects, although I suppose that's true at kinds of levels of Want Need Yada blah blah blah.

    So now I just buy what I want (or not) and we're all relieved.

  3. Oh, I'm resigned to not really wanting anything. But it'd be nice if I got something I could actually use or would conceivably be something I might want without realizing it. But more bath crap? Seriously? And a mug/cocoa gift set thing? Really? I'd prefer an ugly polyester sweater to the standard boilerplate. Sigh.

  4. A new Mr Coffee? Somebody loves you!
    I got a new sweater, a new golf club, and a box of scrumptious chocolate - and the first season of Doctor House!

  5. I got everything and more. I finally am home after being out for 6 long months of flood repair. I kiss the ground in our home!! That was all I wanted this year.

  6. I went shopping last night to buy myself the things I wanted.

    This is the *second* year in a row my husband has talked up the wonderful gift he's getting me. How much I'll like it. He can't wait. And then to say on Christmas, "Oh. I never got around to getting it for you." Buzzkill.

    So I've decided that when he starts up again next year I'm a)asking for the receipt that says he BOUGHT me a present or b) ignoring all comments and planning a Boxing Day shopping excursion.

  7. Jennifer, that sounds like a good haul. We have seasons 2-4 of House and should warn you that once you start watching, every sneeze becomes ominous. My youngest can't watch that show and sleep the same day.

    Hula ! Yay! Congrats on returning to real life. I'm sorry it's been such a disaster.

    Suisan. He's still alive? You let him live? You're a better woman than I. At least my spouse never puts on a "oooo you'lll love it" act. He knows better. (esp. when there's nothing there?!)


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